What you can do with a magnet

A magnet is an object with a magnetic field. So there is the north pole and the south pole. It consists of electrons with irregular orbits and irregular rotation. These magnetic atoms are aligned in straight lines of fir to create the magnetic field. The direction of the alignment also follows a regular line.

The basic principle of magnets that we know is that opposing poles attract each other and similar poles repel each other. The push and pull depends on the area created by the magnetically charged atoms in the magnet.

Poles of the magnet

When talking about magnets, it is impossible to ignore the poles of the magnets. Even our world creates a magnetic field with its own north and south pole. The North Pole and the South Pole of the Earth are really real magnetic poles. This can be better understood with a compass. A compass pin always points north, as it is pulled into Earth’s magnetic field.

The north pole of a magnet repels the north pole of another magnet. Similarly, the south pole of one magnet repels the south pole of another magnet. The north pole of a magnet attracts the south pole of another magnet. Likewise, the south pole of a magnet attracts the north pole of another magnet.

Electric mechanical use of a magnet; This includes the process in which the magnet is used to activate electrical energy. The use of magnet’s electricity from mechanics is the process by which mechanical energy can be successfully converted into electrical energy. The mechanical use of the magnet from the mechanics is the primary function of any magnet that involves pushing and shooting. Mechanical-heat function of a magnet; is the process by which motion is converted into thermal power. For this purpose, a magnetic field is used.

Common function fields of magnets

Industrial use

Magnets are used in various industries, starting from electrical energy. Electric generators containing magnetic fields help convert mechanical energy into electricity. There is a magnet inside the motors to make electricity suitable for mechanical work.

Medical Purposes

Magnetic field is used in devices for various health tests. The best example for this situation; MRI machines that use magnetic fields to produce radio signals that create a clear pictorial understanding in our body.


Electronic devices, such as computers, use magnetic fields that help read data. Magnetic signals are used to convert electronic signals into what we hear sound vibration.

In addition to being useful like this, magnets play an important role in our daily activities, from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators.

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