How Magnets Should Be Shipped?

Magnets are extremely sensitive and fragile products. Therefore, their dispatch requires great care and attention.

But a magnet looks like a metal, a hard material. How fragile can it be? You can ask. Due to their fragile properties, the magnets are coated with materials such as Nickel, Zinc, and Gold for their longevity and healthy use. In fact, they are extremely fragile materials in essence. And unfortunately, the coating of the magnet is not at a level to provide protection against impact that may occur during transportation.

While giving examples of magnet packaging, the magnet that we base on is a 6-inch magnet. Generally, a 6 inch magnet is not preferred in the sector. In this article, the reason we are based on a 6-inch magnet is because it has a high magnetic field. If you can pack a 6-inch magnet in a healthy way, you can also ship almost any magnet without damage.

A big parcel, styrofoam, paper and iron sheet you need

When you pack the magnet, a magnetic field will form inside the package. To protect the magnet from the magnetic field, you need to put iron sheet in your package. To protect iron hair, it is recommended to use styrofoam. You need to use plywood pieces on the styrofoam and styrofoam again on it.

If you wrap the magnet on a piece of paper and put it in the box and cover it as we mentioned above, you can easily ship even a magnet with a high magnetic field without damage.

Likewise, when you buy a magnet, you must have received it in this way to find out that the magnet is intact. It may be clear to the manufacturer that you ordered the magnet about how you want the magnet shipped. And so you can minimize the chance of encountering a problem during shipment.

Be sure to state that there is a magnet on the package you use. Otherwise, it may be brought side by side with products that may be affected by the magnet during transportation, or it may result in an accident otherwise.

No matter how intense you pack, there will still be a magnetic field radiating from inside the box. It is not possible to reduce the magnetic field to zero. For this reason, it is generally preferred that the magnets are transported individually when moving.

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