Zinc Plated or Nickel Plated?

When ordering a magnet, you need to inform the manufacturer you will work with, which magnet, which class, which size and how many degrees of operating temperature it will be. In addition to this information, you are asked to provide information on the coating of the magnet you will receive.

In general, magnets are coated in two ways; Zinc and Nickel.

So, what are the differences between Zinc plating and Nickel plating? Which type of coating lasts longer? Which type of coating is more advantageous? In this article, we will try to answer the questions.

First of all, let’s consider the difference between both types of coating in terms of appearance.

Nickel plated magnets have a better appearance than zinc plated magnets in terms of appearance. They are more like metal. Zinc-plated magnets look like an icy surface. If the magnet is visible during the process, we recommend that you choose Nickel plating.

To evaluate the difference between the two coatings in terms of price; Nickel plated magnets are much more expensive than Zinc plated magnets. However, if you are not going to make multiple purchases, the price difference may not be very noticeable.

So, what difference is there in terms of functionality for both coatings?

Both Zinc plated and Nickel plated magnets have the same functionality. Here, the point we should be careful about when talking about functionality is its quality rather than the coating of the magnet.

It is also possible to evaluate the difference between the coatings in terms of weight. Nickel plated magnet is a little heavier than Zinc plated magnet. If the magnet’s weight is important in your area of ​​use, it is useful to pay attention to this information.

Except for the situations mentioned above, it is hardly possible to talk about another difference between Nickel-plated and Zinc-plated magnets. Both types of coating are very close to each other. The main thing here is the functionality of the magnet, which we mentioned above that the coating has no effect on functionality. Therefore, it is better to discuss the quality of the magnet you will receive with the manufacturer before coating.

If you cannot decide what sizes, what kind of magnets you want and how to cover, you can request support from the manufacturers by specifying your working temperature and purpose of use.

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