Manyet, founded in 1970, took its name from the first two syllables of the word magnetic. Turkey’s first magnet manufacturing and trading firm that performs half a century has all the manpower and capacity in the magnet facility consists of 3000 m2 closed area, produces a magnetic field and the metal screening solutions.

Magnet offers retail magnets, special magnets, metal sieves and ore enrichment systems within the scope of magnetic field solutions.


With our dynamic innovative organizational structure, we maintain our leadership in the field of magnetic products and systems, expanding our portfolio of magnetic solutions and offering the most appropriate supply to all segment demands.


In the magnetic industry, it is to be determined in all processes from operation to solution stage in order to raise brand perception worldwide.

Our leadership criteria are;

  • Number of customer and solution partnerships
  • Our product range
  • Unit retail product stock quantity
  • Our contribution to magnetic information management in the sector
  • Our contribution to customer magnetic process awareness
  • Our price quality performance
  • All values we add to the magnetic sector are listed.

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