Where to Buy Neodymium Magnet?

Before giving information about the purchase of magnets, it is important to note the size of the magnet you want to buy. Because small-size magnets are easily available on the market, it is difficult to find large-size magnets. However, as you might expect, Neodymium magnet prices also vary significantly in size.

If you want to buy a really large scale neodymium magnet, it is difficult to find in Turkey or have your say on benefits would be too costly. At this point, let’s remind that most of the world’s leading magnet manufacturers are in China. Turkish companies are among the leading magnet manufacturers in the world. However, when it comes to the size of the magnet, due to the high price of Neodymium magnets, Turkish mills do not prefer to produce large magnets.

In order to give the clearest answer to the question of where you will meet your neodymium magnet needs;

  1. Which field to use?
  2. What size magnet needs?

You need to answer these questions.

Advantages of Buying Neodymium Magnet;

Neodymium magnets with strong magnetic field and best magnetic properties are also very practical.

What are the characteristics of these magnets and what are the advantages if we buy them?

  • Resistant to demagnetization.
  • They have high saturation magnetization.
  • They can act at greater distances than other magnets.
  • Magnetic properties even at very high temperatures.
  • High energies can be achieved with large-scale Neodymium magnets.

With the development of electronic devices in the last century and the increase in their use in daily life, there have been serious developments in the magnet sector. Magnet manufacturers, which used to produce only small sizes, are now able to produce in any size. However, they prefer to make large-scale magnets on order because the cost is high and stock availability is troublesome.

If you decide to buy a Neodymium magnet, if you need a large size Neodymium magnet, you can contact the relevant companies before ordering to see if they have the size you need, and if they can offer an alternative measure may be useful. The price of Neodymium magnets that you have to pay if you want to produce a large magnet directly can be quite high.

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