When Buying Neodymium Arc Magnet

There are many points to consider when purchasing magnets. Magnet size, magnetic field, shape are some of the points that need attention. In this article, what should be considered when buying Neodymium Arc magnets, we will talk about them.

First of all, Arc magnets are very special magnets. Almost none of the magnet manufacturers prefer to produce Arc magnets in advance. Losing time and money will be inevitable if you do not take enough care when purchasing an arc magnet.

Preparation Time

Arc magnets have long preparation times. Therefore, we suggest you make sure you have enough time before placing your order. It is also useful to add a time of + – 5 days over the time you calculate against any malfunction.

Before you place your real order, make sure to request a sample from your manufacturer and do not forget that it will take a while for the sample you want to prepare and arrive.

If you think everything is fine, it usually takes an average of 40 days for an Arc magnet to arrive. First of all, the sample you request is prepared. Sample preparation takes around 14-15 days. Then the prepared sample is sent to you. In high probability, the product does not arrive on the same day and is lost in cargo for 1-2 days. When the product reaches you need about 2 days to test it. If you find it appropriate afterwards, you can start production by discussing the price with your manufacturer. Neodymium Arc magnets are processed on the mass production line. The average production time varies between 18 and 21 days. Do not forget to add up to 2 days of shipping time for all the latest products to reach you.

So if you decide to order a Neodymium Arc magnet, be sure to consider that the product will be in your possession after about 40 days.


Having a draft of your order is one of the situations that will save you time. Always ask your manufacturer for a draft with the information of spring degree, spring length, height, width, inner diameter, outer diameter, coating, class, tolerance.

Operating temperature

We have mentioned above that you should definitely request a draft from your manufacturer and we have also stated the information in the draft. However, we did not mention that there is temperature information in the draft. However, temperature information is extremely important for magnets to work properly. You can ask your manufacturer about the relationship between temperature and class information. If you are still unsure of the class of the magnet you need to order, make sure to inform your manufacturer of your operating temperature.

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