What is Magnetic Separator?

Magnetic separator is a very strong separator used for separating unwanted materials such as iron dust, hammer and bolt in or on raw material. There are multiple types of magnetic separators that are actively used in many sectors.

Types of Magnetic Separators;

  • Role Type Magnetic Separator; it is especially used for the enrichment of dry industrial raw materials and the separation of weak pickups. As the name suggests, it is in the form of a round pipe. It is more economical and more technically superior than electromagnetic separators.
  • Semi Magnetic Drum Separator; One of the most preferred reasons of this separator is that it can be easily installed in the work area. There is also the possibility to observe the operation from the glazed compartment when working on such separators. In the raw material, all types of large and small ferrous metals can be safely separated.
  • Magnetic Sheet Separator; used for separating sheets of sheets stacked on top of each other. It is mostly preferred in automotive, white goods and automation sectors. It can be used in flat or asymmetric sheet metal sheets.

In addition to the above, other types of separators are available. However, these separators are preferred in almost every sector. If required, more than one separator type can be used. What are the advantages of using a magnetic separator? What are the advantages of Magnetic Separator?

What are the advantages of magnetic separators?

  1. No additional labor is required to use separators.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. They are extremely convenient in terms of both operation and maintenance costs.
  4. Close to 100% cleaning with magnetic separators.
  5. No deterioration or poor performance of the devices connected to the use.
  6. They can be easily connected to the platform to be used.
  7. Can be used for all systems in liquid unless it is acid or base.
  8. Electricity usage is very low.

You can get consultancy service from the leading magnetic companies in the sector regarding the determination of the most suitable magnetic separator for you, the production and supply of the product according to the area you need and the place you will use. In order to choose the right company, we advise you not to be in a hurry, to consult with more than one Magnet Company and to ask for a quote.

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