What is Gauss?

The word Gauss is often used in the magnet industry. Or when you read an article about magnets, the word Gauss is definitely included in it.

Gauss, in its simplest form, is a unit of measure and is used to express the strength of magnets. In other words, it refers to how much magnetic field a magnet has. It can be said that the higher Gauss size is mentioned for a magnet, the higher the magnetic field for that magnet.

What Does Gauss Magnetic Field Measurement Depend On?

Gauss magnetic field measurement, that is, the strength of a magnet does not depend on one thing. Many criteria such as the magnet’s thickness, shape, class, and content are effective in determining the Gaussian dimension. Although each magnet has its own Gaussian measure, it is also possible to generalize class by class.

For example; Class N35 magnets with an average size of 10 * 4 usually have a magnetic field of around 3000 Gauss. Or the surface area of ​​the NdFeB magnet is usually between 3000-5000 Gauss intensity. Neodymium iron boron magnet can be considered as the magnet with the highest magnetic field, ie the highest Gaussian intensity. It is extremely difficult to have magnetic field intensity over 5000 Gauss.

The Gaussian surface of the magnets changes inversely proportional to the area and proportional to the thickness. Gauss intensity is measured with a device called the Gaussmeter, and different results can occur in each area on the surface of a magnet.

Both Gauss and flux measurements are taken to determine the performance of the magnet. What is magnetic flux? The magnetic flux repeatability is better than Gauss intensity, more stable, and the margin of error is much lower. Magnetic flux measurement unit is Weber. 1 Weber equals 1000 Gauss intensity.

As we mentioned earlier, both Gauss intensity and magnetic flux unit information are needed to comment on the performance of a magnet. It can be said that both terms cannot be substituted for each other.

If you want a magnet with a high Gauss intensity, i.e. a magnet with a high magnetic field, the first thing you should look at is the size of the magnet. The larger the magnet you order, the higher the Gauss magnet you will have.

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