What if Magnet Was Not Discovered?!?

Without realizing it, in our daily life, we use so many magnets. Almost all of the tools and items we use during the day have magnets. Have you ever thought while making our life so easy, or what if a magnet was not discovered? How would that be then?

Let’s just say, it probably wouldn’t be mobile phones. Magnets used in mobile phones convert electrical signals into acoustic signals. In this way, we can communicate with the other party. Just think, if the magnet hadn’t been discovered, it wouldn’t be a cell phone.

We would probably be using another device instead of the refrigerator. Or refrigerators could not be so advanced technology. Magnets are used in the door compartment of the refrigerators so that the door can close very tightly. In this way, there is no air flow from outside to inside and the temperature inside always remains cold.

Can You Think of a Life Without a Vehicle?

If the magnet had not been discovered, we think it would not be possible to talk about the existence of cars. It’s not just private cars. Taxis, buses, minibuses and even motorcycles … Magnets are one of the indispensable parts of the automotive industry. There are many uses of magnets, from the starter motor to the wheel speed sensor. Magnets are used in wipers, electric seats engine, air conditioning fan motor, speed sensor, engine oil drain plug and many more. Considering this way, the tools would not have been invented if the magnet had not been discovered.

In that sweltering heat of summer, the air conditioners we cling to, and the use of magnets in many parts of them. A much better energy saving is achieved by using permanent magnets in cooling fan motors. Apart from the engine, magnets are also used in the production of filter caps. In this way, the covers can be removed and installed much easier.

Life Could Be Much More Primitive

I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that if the magnet had not been discovered, we would have had a much more primitive life. Apart from the products we mentioned above, magnets are used in the textile industry, in the jewelry industry and in many other sectors that you may not think of.

It would not be right to talk about the use of uniform magnets. Many types of magnets such as NdFeB magnet, sintered ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, samarium cobalt magnet can be mentioned depending on the area of ​​use. In addition to the variety, there are also differences in size and shape.

Which industry are you in and what kind of magnet do you need? Having information about all your options before making a decision can make your choice easier.

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