What Can Be Done with Special Rare Earth Magnets?

The rare earth magnet is definitely the best when it comes to power and performance. When it comes to rare earth magnets, the first thing that comes to mind is Neodymium. The rare earth magnet is 10 times stronger than other types of magnets and has a pulling force of about 20,000 times better than the magnetic field produced by our planet.

You cannot believe what can be done with such powerful magnets!

Magnetic Figurines; You will be amazed to see what you can do using the Neodymium magnet along with the metal materials you will use to create artistic products. You can see what kinds of artistic products can be made with Neodymium magnet by searching for DIY projects online. Moreover, doing this kind of work is not as difficult and time consuming as you might think. With the magnets you use in the industry, in the field of business, you can get a hobby and perform artistic products.

Hand Tool Holder; This product is one of my favorites, yet you can easily make it by watching DIY videos. All you need is a cylindrical diameter Neodymium magnet. The best part of this product you can create is that it is portable. So the handpiece holder I mentioned is not for your workspace as you think. An equipment you can put on your waist. So you can easily carry the hand tools you need on your waist.

Do Science for Your Children; By using neodymium magnets, you can produce small magnetic fields in your home. All you need is a small magnet and a copper tube of the same diameter. Keep the pipe upright and drop the magnet down the pipe. You may think that the magnet will fall directly down. However, as the magnet travels through the copper tube, it will create a magnetic field. You can spend pleasant time with your children with this little experiment that you can easily do at home.

Another product you can make with your kids using magnets is the floating paper holder. Take a small Neodymium magnet, stick it on the floating paper holder stand, and tie the paper holder with a nylon string. The paper holder will thus appear to float in the air.

When you search on the Internet in the form of do-it-yourself products, you can come across many different products that you can make with magnets. We would like to remind you that Neodymium magnets are also fragile, although they are much more durable than many magnets in the meantime.

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