What are Magnet Degrees?

When you want to buy a neodymium magnet, you usually encounter the letter “N” followed by a two-digit number. For example; Such as N45, N52, 38EH, 40UH, 30SH, 33M, 33H. So, what do these letters and numbers mean? Which is stronger and which is weaker? What does grade or class mean when buying a magnet?

Class or grade indicates how strong and concentrated the magnetic material used in the magnet is. The total strength of a magnet depends on a lot of factors. However, if you still have an N45 class and N52 class magnet in the same size and shape, it can be said that the N52 class magnet is stronger because it is more concentrated.

The letter N stands for the Neodymium magnet, as you can imagine. The numbers written immediately afterwards determine the maximum energy level. In other words, it refers to the maximum power of the magnetic material.

The size, shape, working temperature and the class to which it is connected are the factors that determine the strength of a magnet. Neodymium magnets are made of a crystalline structure that is impossible to perfect every time on all atomic-level magnets. Therefore, it is not possible for any two magnets to be exactly the same. Therefore, the classes of magnets represent certain ranges.

For example; an N45 magnet is between 43-45 MGO. We need to remind you that the processing of large magnets is difficult to customize, to perfect. If you want to buy a large-scale, high-class magnet, you will encounter a high production cost.

We want to talk about a practical rule that will help identify the magnet you need. You get 1% more pulling force for every +1 MGO.

Differences Between Ferrite and Neodymium

When it comes to magnets, Neodymium magnets usually come to mind. Neodymium magnets are often preferred for use, as they are the most powerful magnets known to date. However, there are other magnets in the industry that you can use other than this magnet. The second most preferred Ferrite magnet is.

Which is Stronger?

If you want to get a power from a Ferrite magnet as much as Neodymium magnet, you need to increase the dimensions of the Ferrite magnet. A Neodymium magnet has about 10 times more power compared to a Ferrite magnet. However, Ferrite magnets should not be considered too weak.

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