Magnetic separators, which started to be used in the late 19th century, are widely used in ore preparation processes and in many fields of industry.

Separators operating with low field intensities are capable of producing magnetic field up to 50.000 Gauss power today. There are three main areas where Magnetic Separators are used.

  1. Ore enrichment
  2. Recycling
  3. Safety

Mineral Processing

Magnetic separators are mainly used in enrichment field. Separators are used for the purification of many minerals such as magnetite, rare earth elements, nickel, diamond, chromium, tin, tungsten, titanium, manganese, aluminum, barium, molybdenum, germanium, clay, sand and ceramic raw materials.


Magnetic separators are used to recover magnetite or ferrosilicon in heavy-duty coal washing plants. Powder magnetite, used as a heavy medium generator, is recovered with a magnetic tambur separator. 99% recovery can be achieved with tambur separators producing low magnetic field.

Another recovery area is the separation of ferrous parts from household waste. If you think of the scrap, you realize how big the recovery capacity is. In particular, there is a need for a magnetic separator for separating ferrous parts from paramagnetic or diamagnetic products.

Protective Purpose

Magnetic separators are used in preparation plants to protect the before crushing is applied. If there is any metal sticking on before it enters the crusher, it is cleaned with the help of magnetic separator and the crusher process is applied in that way. The use of magnetic separators in this area is very important, as metal parts adhering to will damage the crushing device to a great extent.

Apart from the above-mentioned purposes, magnetic separators have been used in various fields such as environment, food, medicine, chemistry, water, glass, cork and textile works since the date and they continue to be used. Today, one of the most remarkable areas where magnetic separators are used is the process of separating heavy metals from colloidal sludge waters. A high-intensity magnetic field is needed to separate heavy metal from a liquid. For this reason, high field strength and high field gradient magnetic separators are preferred for the cleaning of colloidal sludge waters.

The use of Magnetic Separators is being expanded day by day thanks to the studies carried out. It may be possible for us to see the separators that are under development in line with the demands of the industry when they are being used in an area that we cannot think of in the coming days.

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