Do you need a tambur separator and can’t decide which type to buy? The information in this article can help you make your choice. Before mentioning the types of tambur separators, we would like to briefly mention what tambur separator is.

Tambur Separators

Iron-metal separation process and generally used in food, mining, plastic, textile, recycling plants. It is produced in two different ways as coarse metal separation and micron iron metal separation. It is produced in two different ways, mainly magnet and electromagnet. However, these separators are diversified.

Screen separators; made by bar magnets. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to install. Mainly used in food industry.

Magnetic Tambur Separator; this separator has no dead space and is used for separating the whole iron content. It is highly resistant to abrasion and shows high efficiency in iron separation. The material to be separated is poured into the magnetic tambur and the non-magnetic parts are poured down the front chamber at the drum rotation speed without being affected by the magnetic field. The magnetic parts are held by the force of the magnetic field inside the drums and ejected from the rear chutes where the magnetic field ends.

Electromagnetic Tambur Separator; consists of a free-moving armor. The armor is not magnetic. It separates the materials spread on the armor in the form of magnetic, non-magnetic.

Dry Magnetic Tambur Separator; they work in the same way as electromagnetic tambur separators. The most important difference between two tambur separators; dry magnetic tambur separators are used in smaller areas. Separators that operate without the need for too much energy and labor are also preferred because they can be easily installed.

Chamber Tambur Separators; these separators, which have automatic self-cleaning feature, are used for separating free flowing dust, granules and parts according to their magnetic properties. The hopper and tambur body are made of stainless steel. It is used in sectors such as ceramic, chipboard, MDF, coal, soil, cement, fertilizer, food.

We tried to give brief information about the most widely used tambur separator types. If you cannot decide which tambur separator is the best solution for your needs, we advise you to consult with tambur separator manufacturers.

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