Making N52 Magnets

It is extremely difficult to purchase a N52 Neodymium class magnet. First of all, it is not possible for magnet companies to encounter a N52 magnet ready for sale. If you want to have it custom made, you will have a hard time finding a producing company and the production prices are extremely high.

So What Makes N52 NdFeB Magnets So Inaccessible?

N52 NdFeB magnets are the N class highest magnetic field magnets. What does class N mean? Class N refers to magnets that distort magnetism above 80 degrees.

The magnetic power of N52 is not preferred in many sectors. Working with high magnetic field seems very challenging and unnecessary. As a matter of fact, it is possible to meet almost all your needs with a magnet of N45 class.

Because they are not preferred so much, N52 magnets do not enter mass production and if you want to produce them with special order, you will encounter very high production fees.

Another factor that makes N52 magnets inaccessible is that sintering is very difficult. In the production of N52 magnets, the same materials are used as other Neodymium magnets. However, a number of differences are applied to achieve a larger, stronger magnet. As a result of these applications, sintering N52 magnets is almost impossible.

Many magnet manufacturers prefer to sell an N45 class Neodymium magnet to customers who want N52. If there really is no need for a very high magnetic field, almost all customers accept the N45 offer.

Our suggestion to you is that if you do not really need to work with a very high magnetic field, you should not insist on buying a N52 magnet. This will cost you a lot of money, even if you find a N52 class magnet at the end of both your time and time spent.

N52 magnets are also large in size. You can predict the difficulties of working with a magnet that is both large in size and high magnetic field. First, you will need a sufficiently large working area to work with the magnet. In many industries, the workspaces for most factories are organized with N45 magnets in mind, as they are often worked with N45 magnets.

If you want to buy a N52 magnet, you need to make serious changes to your workspace. Many of the equipment you use in production is also designed to not be damaged by the N45 magnet. However, N52 magnets have a much higher magnetic field and, most likely, damage the devices you use in production.

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