Low Field Severe Wet Magnetic Separators

Low-field severe wet magnetic separators have a magnetic field of 500-5000 Gauss. They are used for enrichment of grains of 10 mm or less. Fixed or electromagnets can be used in separators. These separators are manufactured in different types and are the most preferred drum type separators in the sector.

Working Principle of Drum Type Separators

The operating principle of low-field heavy-duty drum separators is based on a very simple foundation. Aqueous magnetite and gangue minerals are fed into the vessel and come into contact with the surface of the magnetic separator by the flow of water. The permanent magnet in the 3/1 part of the separator draws the magnetic particles towards the surface of the drum and moves the magnetic minerals upward with the rotation of the drum. Meanwhile, while the magnetic beads away from the magnet are removed from the condensed channel, the non-magnetic beads remain under the separation vessel as they do not adhere to the surface of the drum. In this way, the desired separation is achieved.

In order to increase the efficiency on an industrial scale, these separators are operated in series. Drum speeds of up to 25-40 RPM can be achieved in low-area severe wet drum separators and diameters up to 1000 mm. The capacity for meter drum width varies between 10-25 t / s depending on the feed size.

Low Area Heavy Wet Drum Separators Application Areas

In general, magnetic drum separators with wet working principle are produced with several standard diameters and magnet array system. The magnet arrangement is generally radial or axial. Low-field wet drum type magnetic separators are mainly used for the enrichment of magnetite mineral and for the recovery of heavy medium in coal washing plants.

The separators are large in appearance and may raise questions in mind that it may be difficult to install and use. However, low area heavy wet drum type separators are among the most preferred types of separators in almost all sectors. Contrary to popular belief, the efficiency of drum separators, which are extremely easy to install and use, is also quite high, although they have a low area.
When it comes to the balance of cost and efficiency, it is easy to understand why low area heavy wet drum separators are the most preferred in almost all sectors.

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