Low Field Intensive Dry Magnetic Separators

As the name implies, they are separators with low magnetic field. How can you think of a low magnetic field separator? Although it is said to have low magnetic field, the magnetic fields of these separators are quite high.

Over-band magnets, band-type magnets and drum-type magnets are the most commonly used of low-field-strength dry magnetic separators.

Usage areas

Low magnetic field dry magnetic separators are mainly used for protective purposes. In addition to preservative properties, they are also preferred for the removal of minerals with high magnetic sensitivity from diamagnetic particles.

Properties of Low Field Intensive Dry Magnetic Separators

The magnetic field intensity of all low field severe dry or wet separators is between 500-5000 Gauss

Belt type magnetic separator; Feeding size can be up to 300 mm. The separation sub-dimension is usually over 0.5 mm. The belt speed is 2 m / s. Their hourly capacity is up to 400 tons.

Drum type dry separators; They can be operated as standard speed or high speed. Those operating at standard speed have a speed of 20-45 revolutions per minute and those operating at high speed have a speed of 40-200 revolutions per minute. High-speed magnetic drums are used to obtain a densified material from 0.8 mm or thinner material. They are also used to obtain the magnetic-containing material in dry magnetic concentrates and flue powders. Pre-enrichment of ferromagnetic minerals such as magnetite, franklinite, leucite is another application area of ​​drum type separators provided that the moisture content of the ore does not exceed 5%. The feed size ranges from 25 mm to 0.1 mm. Their capacity can be up to 200 tons per hour depending on the drum diameter.

Over-band separators; Over-the-belt separators have similar characteristics with the belt-type magnetic separators.

We talked about the basics of magnetic dry separators with low field strength. We would also like to remind you that there are also magnetic field separators with low field strength. You can reach the information about low-area severe age separators from our article under the same title.

In order to determine the most suitable separator for your needs, you can consult with magnet manufacturers who are experts in their fields and get consultancy service.

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