Let’s Combine Two Large Neodymium Magnets

First of all, working with two large Neodymium magnets will be dangerous due to their magnetic field. You must take all security measures.

In addition to the security measures, it may be possible to combine the two large Neodymium magnets in a slightly less dangerous way by the method we will talk about in a moment.

Things you need; thick gloves, safety board, locking board, big wedge and safety glasses. Using gloves cannot prevent damage if your fingers are stuck between two magnets. However, thanks to the gloves you have, you can easily separate the two magnets from each other. Therefore, the thicker gloves you wear during the process, the more secure you will be.

With the north pole facing up, place the magnet on the board and fix it. Take a wooden plate with metal plates glued halfway down the bottom, a safety board and a locking board with a hole in the middle. The diameter of the hole on the board must match the diameter of the magnets you will use. The height of the board should match the magnet plus piece. Next is the wedge. The width of the wedge should be at least the diameter of the magnet. It can also be larger than the diameter of the magnet. And finally, what you need to do before starting the process is to wear your safety glasses.

During the process, a false result is that the magnets can crumble and scatter around very sharp little pieces. In this case, wearing safety glasses will protect you from a major accident. We suggest you choose to use a mask that covers your entire face rather than a small pair of glasses.

Two Big Magnets Coming Together

Before you start working, you need to remove all the metal on you and around you. Considering that you will work with magnets as well as very strong Neodymium magnets, the smallest metallic part on you or around you can be dangerous. From the wrist watch to your wedding ring, you have to remove how much metal items you have.

We recommend that you clean your work area later, even if there is a dust-free metal particle on it.

You can start working. First thing you need to do is place the safety boards with the metal parts facing down. Then you need to place and fix the magnet on it. The north pole of the magnet should face up. After fixing the magnet, put the locking card on the magnet and place the wedge on the locking card. Now you can put the second magnet with the north pole facing up.

Hold the magnet and other parts firmly. If you feel resistance, then there is something wrong with the joining you make.

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