Importance of Magnet

If the magnet had not been found, we would have continued primitive life, some researchers say. I think this discourse is enough to emphasize the importance of the magnet. Even though we don’t realize it, many of the products we use in daily life have magnets. For example; computer, car, refrigerator…

In the 2000s BC, the myths about the invention of magnets, which are discovered by people living in Asia Minor, when an object is attracted to metals, are told. Magnets, whose power and utility spread to more areas as they are discovered, have a wide market today. Let’s take a closer look at the products in the magnet market.

Magnet Market Service Areas

Microwave Ovens; magnets are used to generate electromagnetic waves. This makes it possible to heat your food in microwave ovens in a short time.

A refrigerator; many people wonder how the magnet is used in the refrigerator. In order to maintain the internal temperature of the refrigerator, the door should not be vented from the outside when closed. The lids should close very tightly to ensure that they are not airtight. This is where the magnets are utilized. Thanks to the magnets used in the refrigerator door, the door of the refrigerator closes tightly.

Air conditioning; magnet is used in filter covers. In this way, the filter covers can be removed more easily. In addition, the use of permanent magnets in motor production saves energy.

Computer; many parts of the computer are produced using magnets. The importance of the HDD, which we must mention in particular, if you have another magnet near the HDD, you can easily damage it. In general, we recommend that you do not have a magnet or magnet-like object near your computer.

Mobile phones; very small magnets are used in mobile phones, which have become the most important part of our lives. The neodymium magnet, approximately 1mm in size, is used to convert the electrical signal into an acoustic signal on the phone. This will allow us to hear the other party’s voice on the phone.

Cars; wiper motor, starter motor, electric seat motor, compressor electromagnetic cups, air conditioning fan motor, automatic sun visor motor, steering angle sensor, headlamp steering mechanism, speed sensor, wheel speed sensor is used in many parts such as magnet. Magnets used in cars are not uniform. Many kinds of magnets are used, such as NdFeB, sintered ferrite, AlNiCo, samarium cobalt.

Apart from the products mentioned above, there are many other areas where the magnet market is located.

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