If Neodymium Magnets Contact Electronic Products

We are often told to keep the magnets away from electronic products. Because magnets damage electronic products. Well, is that true?

What happens if it comes into contact with electronic devices such as magnets, televisions, calculators, computers, let’s look at it together.

The magnet we are talking about in this article is a 6-inch Neodymium magnet.

We conduct our first try on a tablet. We put the tablet on a 6 inch Neodymium magnet. The tablet turns on by itself. This is an unprecedented result. The tablet seems to be fully functioning while on the magnet. Until, until the magnet damages the tablet’s battery. The magnet causes the tablet’s battery cover to rupture. However, the electrical death of the tablet does not happen immediately. Although the battery cover is shattered, the battery remains plugged in place. However, the tablet does not turn on. When the battery is removed and reinserted, the tablet starts working as before.

Effect of Ferrite and Neodymium on TV

We decide to try our current trial on a 21 inch TV. The effects of both Ferrite and Neodymium magnets are being tested on television. As is known, Ferrite magnets are much weaker compared to Neodymium magnets. Therefore, we expect to observe differences in the effect of both magnets on television.

A 4 inch Ferrite magnet starts to affect the TV at a distance of 30 cm. In contrast, the 6-inch Neodymium magnet affects television when it is 150 cm away. When we bring both magnets closer to the TV, we encounter a very impressive reaction. You can watch the videos on the internet on the subject and view how the television reacts to magnets in detail.

So why does the television image react to magnets?

In its simplest form, the image I see on the television screen is created using electrons that have an electric charge and therefore react to a magnetic field. And these electrons react when they encounter a strong magnetic field.

In flat screen televisions, electrons are not used to create images. So if you bring a magnet closer to a flat-screen TV, you won’t get a similar reaction.

If you have small magnets in your home, you can observe what effect it will have by bringing them closer to your electronic devices. However, be aware that there is a risk of damaging your electronic devices in this way.

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