How Long is the Life of Magnets?

Magnets lose their power over time. In other words, it loses its magnetism. Demagnetization and inactivation are activated.

So, why and how long do magnets lose their effect?

Why do Magnets Lose Power?

  1. Heat; Heat is one of the most important factors. If you heat the magnet and reach a certain temperature, the magnet loses its magnetism. Different magnets are affected at different temperatures. For example; The temperature of N series NdFeB is 80 degrees. As soon as this temperature is reached, the magnet begins to lose its magnetism. The loss of magnetism does not happen suddenly, as time passes, the magnets lose their magnetism. The higher the temperature, the faster the magnet loses power. At the same time, the volume of the magnet is a factor in the time it loses its strength along with the temperature. High-volume magnets have longer power loss times. Therefore, in the process of using the magnet, it is extremely important to pay attention to the working environment temperature.
  2. Magnetic Field; Simply put, magnets with a high magnetic field, such as Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B, and magnets with a low magnetic field, such as Alnico ferrite magnets, should not be kept together. Magnets with a large magnetic field lose power to magnets with a small magnetic field.
  3. Pulse; Old magnets such as Alnico are extremely sensitive to impact. They lose power immediately. However, this problem is not often encountered in modern magnets.

Whether you are a magnet company or a company using magnets, you need to know how to stock the magnet. Because if the magnet loses its power, it’s useless. It is not an easy process to send it back to the factory and restore it to its original strength.

How Long After Magnets Lose Their Power?

If you pay attention to the three important points mentioned above when using a magnet, the magnet in your hand can be useful for many years. You should avoid high temperatures in your work area, protect the magnet you use from impact and do not combine magnets with a large difference in magnetic fields. In this way, the magnet you have, whether wet, dry, high magnetic field or low, you can easily extend the life of your magnet.

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