Horizontal Rotor Separators

Horizontal rotor separators can be considered as rotating the carousel type magnetic separator vertically. The most preferred horizontal rotor separator is the Ferrous Wheel separator.

Working Principle

In this separator, the pulverized feed is made from the upper part and the magnetic grains are kept between them as the particles pass through the matrix material. The material on the matrix, which rotates with the ring, is then removed from the center of the ring with the washing water supplied. As the matrix is ​​mobile, blockage may occur.

Features of Ferrous Wheel Separator

The speed of the separator per minute ranges from 0.3 to 4. The speed is determined by the application area. Ring diameter is 2.5 meters. The capacity of the separator can be up to 150 tons. The feed size is between 1.3 mm and 5 microns.

In some new generation horizontal rotor separators, vibration is also given to the vertical magnetic separators, thereby increasing both the selectivity and the blockage of the matrices. For this, a device called Slon magnetic separator has been developed in China. On the other hand, there are also devices with pulp feeding from below. In this way, the speed of the pulp can be adjusted and a more effective separation can be achieved.

Usage areas

Horizontal wet magnetic separators (VMS) with horizontal rotors or also known as vertical; They are used for enrichment of iron ores, ilmenite, manganese, chromite, silica sand and feldspars. Magnetic field intensities of horizontal rotor separators range from 10 000 to 15 000 Gauss.

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