High-field severe wet magnetic separators are seen as the most important development in recent years. The most striking feature of these separators is their high gradient as well as high field strength. Micron separations can be made with wet magnetic separators where the magnetic field strength can reach 24000 Gauss.

High field strength wet magnetic separators are produced in two ways.

  1. Carocell type high field severe age magnetic separators
  2. Hopper type high field severe age magnetic separators

Carocell Type High-Field Magnetic Separators

The separators in the form of a circular groove can rotate about the vertical axis to make continuous separation. Examples of carocell separators are Gill, Jones and Krupp Left separators. These separators, which can produce 15000 Gauss magnetic field, have a separation capacity of 150 tons per hour. Metso Mineral separator is an example of high magnetic field separators with high field strength.

Gill Separator; the working principle is to rotate between the poles of a corrugated rotor electromagnet. From the area where the poles are located, the material to be cleaned is put. The weak magnetic minerals on the material adhere to the grooves. Then, by removing the grooves out of the magnetic field, the weak magnetic minerals are separated.

Jones Separator; corrugated plates are used instead of rotor in the production of this separator. In this way, the magnetic field capacity of the separator is increased. Jones separators are used for the separation of minerals with weak magnetic field properties.

Krupp Left Separator; the magnetic field strength of these separators produced with solenoid design can be up to 20000 Gauss. The solenoid design means that the winding center is filled with air, it means empty.

Metso Mineral separator; these separators, whose magnetic field intensities are around 20000 Gauss, operate intermittently. They are mainly used for the separation of iron and titanium compounds from kaolin minerals. The main advantage of Metso mineral separators is that they are lighter than other separators. The reason for this is the use of low iron in the construction.

The major disadvantage of all high-field separators is that they need high electrical power to produce high magnetic fields. However, when needed, the high electricity used and the high magnetic field strength produced do not appear to be disadvantageous when looking at the profit-loss ratio.

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