High Field Severe Wet Magnetic Separators

The largest development in recent years is said to be in wet magnetic separators. Recently, a large number of high-gradient magnetic separators have been developed in addition to high field strength. The magnetic field strengths of the developed wet magnetic separators were increased up to 24000 Gauss and could be used to separate even a few micron sizes.

High-field wet wet magnetic separators are produced in 2 different ways: carocell and chamber type.

Carocell type magnetic separators; These devices are circular groove-shaped devices that rotate around the vertical axis and can perform continuous separation. The most important separators in this class are Gill, Jones, Krupp Sol and Metso Mineral. Metso Mineral can be of both carousel and reservoir type.

Properties of Carocell Magnetic Separators

The feed grain size ranges from a few millimeters to several microns. The separators are capable of producing magnetic fields up to 15000 Gauss per hour and can reach up to 150 tons per hour. It has a 165 kw motor. It is used to enrich minerals such as chalcopyrite, hematite, aplite, apatite, bauxite, asbestos, phosphate, talc, mica, molybdenum, spodumene, barite, calcium and ceramic clays.

The most preferred of carocell type magnetic separators is Gill separator. The working principle of the Gill separator is the rotation of the poles of a rotor-magnet with a corrugated rotor. The rotor is fed from the compartment where the poles are located. The weak magnetic minerals in the feed material are retained on the surface of the grooves. Non-magnetic minerals are collected at the bottom by flowing, while the magnetic minerals held on the troughs are cleaned by washing the troughs out of the magnetic field. Magnetic field strengths can be up to 14000 Gaussa separators, hourly capacity of each magnetic pole is 0.8 tons.

As an alternative to the Gill separator, the Jones separator can also be used. In the Jones separator, the capacity is greatly increased by using corrugated plates instead of the rotor in the Gill separator. This separator is used for the enrichment of hematite and many other weak magnetic minerals. With a separation size of 1 mm to 20 microns, the capacity of this device can reach up to 120 tons per hour.

In addition to Gill and Jones separators, Krupp Sol, WHIMS, Cyclic separators are also high-area severe carocell type wet magnetic separators. If you want to have detailed information about these separators, you can read our article titled High Area Severe Wet Magnetic Separator Alternatives.

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