Do It Yourself with Neodymium Magnet

Did you know that magnets make your fridge more useful? No, as you think here, we are not talking about the magnets used on the door of the refrigerator. We will talk about how you can make your refrigerator wider using magnets.

Saves Space

Generally, refrigerators are placed in the kitchen. And many users are unaware that they can expand the refrigerator with a small piece. It is a material that you need, such as wood pencil, tape, magnet and canned lid.

You can easily get the materials you need online. The most important thing to note is that the diameter of the material you will use canned food or similar should be larger than the height. It will be more useful if the magnet you will use is N35 class and above Neodymium magnets. Another point to note is that the magnet diameter is not as big as the canning lid you will use. Because you will need a little space to get the lids out of the fridge. It is enough to use at most two tin lids.

Now let’s talk about how to implement the do-it-yourself project.

First, place the magnet behind the tin lid or the material you use instead. We recommend you to be very careful while performing the procedure. Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful and can be dangerous, especially if you are using Neodymium magnet for the first time. That’s why we recommend you to buy N35 Neodymium magnets. N35 class magnet has enough power to attach the products you make to your refrigerator.

Cover the magnets you use.

The Neodymium magnet you will use will be nickel plated. Nickel coating can scratch your refrigerator and easily damage it. We recommend to cover the magnets you use to protect both the magnet and your refrigerator.

And finally, you may want to name or mark the products you have created, magnet refrigerator boxes. For example, if you plan to use it as a spice, you can write spice names on them. Thus, during use, you do not have to think about which spice was in which box. You can use a wooden marker for marking, you can easily wipe with a wet tissue or alcohol whenever you want to make changes.

Another way to make a mark is to write on the label and stick the labels in the boxes you have produced. However, writing with a black marker can look much more aesthetic than a white label.

You can find many DIY products that you can make using magnets. The vast majority of the products are of the type that will make your life easier. From time to time, we will continue to share information about do-it-yourself projects, which you can easily find on the Internet, or the materials you need.

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