Did You Know That Neodymium Magnet Damages Your Gas Counter?

With a tiny Neodymium magnet, you can prevent your gas watch from operating. Although this may seem attractive, it is actually extremely harmful. Likewise, you can affect not only the gas meter, but also your water clock or electric clock.

We can say that because of this system, which is widely used abroad, especially in China, even a black market is formed for Neodymium magnet. People buy Neodymium magnets in order to avoid paying bills and put them in an area close to their hours. In this way, they do not pay bills or pay less than they use. However, they also seriously harm their health. Unfortunately, people do not care about their health as much as necessary, especially in low-income areas.

The Biggest Enemy of Gas and Electricity Companies

Neodymium magnets are becoming the biggest problem for gas and electricity companies. Magnets, which pose a serious danger due to the damage they cause to the devices and to the public health rather than the illegal use of the people, are used by the local people without being taken into consideration.
It is worth noting that magnets are used in the production of such devices. However, they are used by professionals in appropriate ways. In this way, they can be useful for devices. As a result of unconscious use, the damage caused by magnets to the devices can be huge.

Many companies abroad are taking various measures to prevent abuse of Neodymium magnets. Unfortunately, these measures are not enough. We mentioned above that the sale of Neodymium magnets fell on the black market. Even if controls are being carried out for the sale of magnets, especially the Neodymium magnet, which is very strong. Unfortunately, illegal sales are quite common especially abroad.

We recommend that you do not take a strong magnet, such as Neodymium, near any meter, even for testing purposes. The negative effect of the magnet on your devices will be huge. In addition, working unprotected with a strong magnet such as Neodymium will greatly harm your health.

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