With magnetic rods produced with NdFeB magnets, you can design the magnetic rod grid according to your needs.

You can mount the magnetic rods produced in diameters of 25 and 30 mm to the desired carrier with the groove and make your magnetic grid. If you want to go one step further, you can also use the magnetic rods by mounting them on stainless pipes. In this way, when you remove the magnetic rods from the pipes, the collected metals will drop. It is one of the most efficient methods to perform the iron metal cleaning process.

Decide Which Form You Want Magnetic Bar

There are a variety of magnetic bar options for you to make a magnetic bar grill. Circular, rectangular or square; which way do you need a magnetic bar grill? After you have decided the shape you need, some more information you have to give to start the production of magnetic bar grating;

  • Grain size,
  • Fluidity of
  • Diameter of magnets,
  • You also need to share information such as shooting forces with the manufacturer.

Advantages of Using Magnetic Bar Grill

  1. High quality magnets are used in the production of magnetic rods. Therefore, it has a stronger magnetic force and a wider range of iron traps.
  2. Prevents magnetic pulling.
  3. Rods are much easier to clean.
  4. It is more efficient and safer to use.
  5. Can be purchased individually or in groups.
  6. Ferrous metal separation can be carried out in both solid and liquid materials.

Magnetic bar gratings used in industries such as ceramic, chemical, medical, mechatronics, paint and pigment, food processing are among the most suitable products according to the price performance ratio.

Magnetic rods are produced by compressing Nd, Fb and strong magnets in a stainless tube. Once the desired shape is given, it is easily ready to use. The rods are extremely easy to assemble and can be assembled in different ways by separating them at any time and you can obtain different grids from the same rods.

Many magnetic separation methods, which have been used for the separation of minerals for centuries, have been developed so that they can be used in the separation of paramagnetic minerals. Considering the efficiency and reliability of all magnetic separation methods, magnetic bar gratings are very useful.

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