Custom Magnets and Classic Magnets

The magnets we will talk about are magnets that are mostly in our daily lives.

The magnets, which are released for daily use, are strong, weak and developed in certain shapes and sizes according to their intended use. For example; horseshoe, rod magnets are among the most known magnets for daily use. With the advancing technology, magnets started to be privatized. Here we will talk about the differences between customized magnets and conventional magnets.

Customized magnets; They have been developed to have proper synchronization with materials or colors. Conventional magnets, on the other hand, have been developed with the same materials and for the same tasks, which cannot be adapted to the needs.

Unwittingly, we use magnets in many areas in our daily life. While a magnet that we stick on our refrigerator is an example of a customized magnet, the magnet used to ensure a healthy closure of the lid of our refrigerator is an example of a conventional industrial magnet.

Conventional magnets are very powerful magnets with a constant magnetic field concentration and can therefore be used almost anywhere. Because of their power, these magnets are used in the production of tools used for housework instead of home decoration.

The Biggest Difference Quality

The biggest difference between customized magnets and conventional magnets is quality. Customized magnets are made from scratch, considering the customer’s various needs. The quality of a conventional magnet is fixed, standard. No action is taken to change the quality.

Another important difference between both magnets is power. The strength of customized magnets is usually at the bottom because they are mostly made for promotional or decoration purposes. Traditional magnets are much stronger and their power means everything. Because conventional magnets are used in the production of industrial products.

These are the main differences we can talk about for both types of magnets. If you need magnets in the production of an industrial product, your option will be much more limited. But if you need magnets for hobby or home decoration, your options will be much more diverse. The companies you will buy magnets according to your needs will also vary. While some companies produce industrial magnets, some companies only produce customized magnets.

It is extremely important to determine your needs correctly and transfer them to the manufacturer before placing your order. Otherwise, when your order is received, you may be very likely to encounter an undesirable situation.

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