Are Neodymium Magnets Used Only on Small Devices?

Many people think that Neodymium magnets are used only on small devices, such as headphones or small speakers. Well, is that really so? Can we use neodymium magnets only when producing small devices?

Neodymium iron boron magnet is not resistant to high temperature and Neodymium iron boron, which is H class magnet, starts to lose its magnetism above 120 degrees Celsius. For large devices, it is quite difficult to prevent heating. However, with the help of some cooling equipment, large devices can be kept at desired temperatures.

By adding auxiliary equipment to the device, the weight of the device increases and this means that the transportation costs increase with it. Many people think that Neodymium magnets are small in volume and shipping costs should not increase. However, high transportation is the use of cooling engines that have to be used to protect the Neodymium magnet.

In addition to the deterioration of neodymium magnets at high temperatures, it is thought that they are not used in large devices due to the high production cost. However, this is not a very correct idea. Today, many big device manufacturers prefer to use Neodymium magnets in their products. As an alternative to neodymium magnets, Alnico magnets can be said. Alnico magnets are much more affordable in terms of price. However, they cannot pass Neodymium magnets in terms of power.

Faital Pro Prefer BMS and Hifi Neodymium

Faital Pro, BMS and Hifi can be said among the big companies that use Neodymium magnets in their products. Three major speaker manufacturers prefer to use Neodymium magnets in their products.

If Neodymium magnets are to be used in such products, there are a few points to be considered. In fact, there is only one thing to be aware of. Large speakers are products that need to be carried constantly. For this reason, logistics costs should be taken into consideration. The Neodymium magnet to be used should be as small and light as possible. In order for the neodymium magnet not to deteriorate and to maintain the proper temperature, an extra cooler will be required and therefore an increase in the weight of the device will already occur.

Help can be obtained from third party companies to supply the refrigerant you need. You can also produce this kind of product yourself, according to your possibilities. However, obtaining the product you need from a professional refrigerant company can be much faster and more economical.

In the production of large appliances, many cost items will be high. Besides high cost items, prices of Neodymium magnets can be considered reasonable.

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