A Magnet Stronger Than Neodymium

The most powerful type of magnet ever known is rare earth magnets. These magnets are also fixed magnets. They are mainly used for clean energies produced in the advanced technology industry. If we need to give examples of clean energies; wind turbine generators, electric vehicle engines are the most accurate examples.

Neodymium, also known as Neodymium, is a rare earth element. What we call a neodymium magnet is a rare earth magnet.

Why Search For a Stronger Magnet?

Neodymium magnet, a rare earth magnet, is a type of magnet found in nature, as you might imagine. Then why did we need a stronger magnet? First of all, 95% of rare earths are found in China. After this information, if we say that the Chinese government stopped exporting for rare earths in 2010, I think we will answer the question of why another alternative is being sought.

It is said that Iron Nitride is produced by combining Iron and Nitrogen.

What are the Advantages of Iron Nitride Magnet?

  • First of all, the Iron Nitride is more powerful than Neodymium magnet (Neodymium magnet).
  • The costs of Nitrogen and Iron are very low compared to rare earth magnets.
  • It is possible to produce Iron Nitride Magnet with production techniques currently used.
  • Permanent magnet Iron Nitride magnets are environmentally compatible magnets.
  • They can be used in almost all areas where neodymium magnets are used.

In addition to the Iron Nitride magnet, there is another magnet that is more powerful than the permanent earth magnet. Samarium Cobalt. Written as SmCo, it has a higher energy density than Neodymium magnet at high temperatures. Nowadays, SmCo magnet can be used in almost every area where Neodymium magnet is used.

We’ve written the use of magnets in several places. So, in which fields are these magnets used?

Application Areas of Magnets

  1. Audio devices such as headphones and speakers have magnetic coils and magnets that convert electrical signals into sound.
  2. In devices such as fans, magnets are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  3. Power plant generators are operated with magnet.
  4. Magnets are used in door seals to prevent air from outside devices such as freezers and refrigerators.

We have mentioned above the main uses of magnets. However, as in many other sectors, magnets are being used in new sectors.

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