Many companies are aware of the need to use a magnet. However, they often have doubts as to how a magnet should be used, which magnet will be more effective.

In this article, we will try to give you information to get rid of your doubts and choose the magnet you need. In order to choose the right magnet you need, there are five points to consider.

Make sure the size you need.

First you need to determine which size magnet you need. In which field will you use the magnet and how big, what kind of magnet do you need? You can get help from engineers to determine this information correctly. After determining the size and shape you need, let’s come to the second important point.

When reporting your measure, be sure to report the unit.

When you tell us what size magnet you need, be sure to mention your unit of measure. One of the most common problems in the industry is that customers do not transmit the unit of measurement when requesting sample magnets. Usually, customers perform transactions in cm. However, the mills mainly process in mm. Therefore, when you request a 5 * 5 sample from the manufacturer, it will be 5 * 5 mm.

Attention! High Grade Magnets Not Available.

You have determined that your need is a high-grade magnet. Your measurements are also certain. When you contact the manufacturer and ask for a sample, the manufacturer tells you that you have a ready-made magnet and can send it. Oh, beware!! High-grade magnets are not in stock because they are cost effective. If the manufacturer says he has a magnet, it is most likely a low-grade magnet.

Decide on covering.

Zinc or nickel? Which coating should the magnet you get? While nickel plating is better in terms of performance, zinc plating is much better in terms of price. One of the advantages of nickel plating is the increased natural conductivity of nickel treated at high temperature. This increases the performance of the magnet. Nickel is also lighter in appearance. In this case, the only advantage of zinc seems to be the price.

Be sure to ask for an example.

You’ve decided to cover, and your dimensions are certain. Always contact the manufacturers before ordering. In order to avoid a possible misunderstanding, a wrong order, taking a sample first, ordering as much as you need, for example, will prevent loss of time and money.

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